The Importance of Housekeeping for a Comfortable Home

Endless to-do lists and piles of laundry are more exhausting than doing the actual work, and the worst bit is that they can easily mess with every other aspect of your life. A messy house and unfinished chores steal your peace, time from family, as well as time from yourself.

Living at a time where attaining some form of balance gets harder by the day, you might want to focus on housekeeping a lot more than you have been. You need to think about and act on clutter as soon as you get home. 

But why is it important to keep up on housekeeping and keep your home clutter-free? Here are some of the benefits of proper housekeeping.

A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin revealed that women with unfinished projects at home or the ones who regarded their homes as cluttered were more fatigued, depressed, and they also had significantly higher cortisol levels (stress hormone); compared to the women whose homes were restorative and restful.

According to Herbal Nutrition, long to-do lists only increase your cortisol levels, and take a huge toll on your sleep, mood, overall health, and productivity.

So, the next time you feel stressed and wiped out for no apparent reason, put away the pile of laundry and organize the house. Start with one room at a time and see how your mood improves.

  • You eat better

Working in a neat, organized space, even for 10 minutes a day, is enough to force you to change your eating habits. You might find yourself choosing an apple over ice cream easily compared to when you work and live in a messy environment. 

The reason for this is that clutter is very stressful to your brain, and when your brain is stressed, it finds coping mechanisms such as comfort food or even overeating.

eating healthier in a clean house

An organized space makes you a clean eater. The clean eating habits will easily spread into your home, and you won’t have to force your kids to eat broccoli. 


  • It’s great for your relationship

One of the best (although not the easiest) ways for you to keep off depression and illnesses is by maintaining happy relationships with your loved ones.

Unfortunately, a disorganized space takes a toll on relationships, and the effects are felt in the form of diseases, depression, and failed relationships. Clutter could also create tension and leave room for altercations with your significant other.

So, if you want to live in harmony with your family, without shelling out a considerable amount of money on professional cleaning services, avoid clutter and encourage everyone to keep the home clean and organized.

Think of how much you get affected every time your kids or your partner fails to put their dirty socks in the laundry basket or if they don’t keep their drawers organized. These seemingly small things often take their toll on relationships, even though they can be handled easily, and the discord avoided.

  • A clean home is a safe home

Good housekeeping is as simple as cleaning the broken pieces of glass after an accident, aerating the basement, and getting rid of any and all signs of mold. Failure to handle these issues on time often leaves a household unsafe and predisposed to accidents and illnesses. 

Knowing that there are no hazards in your home gives you peace of mind and makes yours a happy home.

The other benefits include a boost in productivity, better sleep, more workout energy, and good health, overall.

Author: John Green

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